1.Use the information provided to answer Part A and Part B of the question.Jenifer is making a fruit salad for the family picnic. She follows a recipe that mixes one part pineapple with two parts grapes and three parts cherries. Pineapple costs $2 per pound, grapes cost $3 per pound, and cherries cost $4 per pound.Part AJenifer has $60 to spend on the fruit salad. Write an algebraic equation which models this situation and solve to find how many pounds of fruit salad she can make.

Accepted Solution

Part A: To answer this item, we let x be the common factor between the parts fruits used for the salad. With this, the amount of pineapple used is x, the amount of grapes used is 2x and that of the cherries is 3x. Given the costs above, the equation that would allow us to determine the pound of salad produced is,         2x + 3(2x) + 4(3x)  = 60
Simplifying,    14x = 60 x = 4.29